Sunday, May 7, 2017


We were thinking and thinking what to get Kylan for his birthday.  Nothing seemed right.  One day I thought how about time with us.  Thought we could take him us on a day trip.  Asked Lisa and he didn't have anything on this Saturday.  We thought up different things to do but settled on Wings and Waves Waterpark (  We had never been and had been wanting to go.  It was super spendy.  We did use the AAA card which helped.  I didn't think the kids would last more than 3-4 hours so we left Springfield at 11 (2 hour drive).  I didn't realize we would be waiting in lines so long.  If we go again I would get there at opening time (lines are shorter).  Eat lunch outside of park and then go back and stay until closing (lines were shorter after about 4 pm).  The kids could have easily lasted all day.  We barely even did anything other than the slides.  There was a whole education part we didn't even go to.  

The kids had a blast!  They are already asking when we can go back.  Maybe in a couple of years in the wintertime.  We think it would be too busy to go in summer.  There were signs that said if you are here it will be approx 1 hour wait.  

Afterwards we had a picnic and then walked around the museum next to it and looked at the planes and played on the play ground.  It wasn't a bad drive at all - very pretty!  We saw Willamette Valley Cheese Company on the way (  They have a tasting room.  We weren't sure if they were opened.  It would be a fun place to stop next time.

The kids had such a great time.  It was fun to hear what slides everyone liked best.  I was surprised how much Scott liked the slides.  It was a lot of steps to the slides.  We are all kinda sore today.

One of the funny things that happened is Kylan kept on saying over and over, "Now lets meet at the bottom.  Don't forget to meet me at the bottom."  "I'll meet you at the bottom."  By the end he wasn't as worried about it and the kids felt comfortable enough to go by themselves.  This worried me though.  It got harder to keep track of everyone especially if you got stuck in a long line.  I thought next time maybe keep a note on the table where people can write down who they are with and where.  One time me and Jackson were together we couldn't find Scott.  Were waiting and waiting for Abagail and Kylan we finally saw them.  I guess the blue slide line was really short and they kept on going back and back.  We thought they had been in the same line the whole time.

Another thing to remember for next time.  On the orange slide your shoulders had to be exposed.  So Abagail would need a non shirt top (she wasn't able to go down it).  The boys had to remove their shirts.

I can't believe I didn't even take one picture.  Here are some I got online.

Saturday, April 29, 2017


The weather was great for Spring Game.  It has been raining so much it actually felt good to be in the sun.  We saw some people later in the day that were burned so bad.  It did feel good to have the sun but we enjoyed the shade as well.

After game we broke up into dates with the kids.

Jackson and I:
-me SAS shoes (my feet hurt everyday...hoping these will help)
-Hometown Buffett (Jackson really really wanted to go here).  I was saying to Jackson when we were getting our food that they didn't have my favorite thing.  One of the workers overheard me and asked what it was.  I told him chicken tenders (messed up I actually like the chicken poppers).  They brought me out a plate that was freshly cooked..they were so yummy!
-walked around Mall (Sears - washer, Kohls - shoes)
-bought a bridge for guinea pigs

Scott and Abagail
-Roadhouse (Scott had a bday discount)
-Scott needed new shoes
-got a blue igloo for guinea pigs

Thought it was funny we both got something for pigs.

Sunday, April 2, 2017


We have been receiving sooo much rain this year.  I even cancelled a walk with Lisa on Saturday just because I was running late (had to work with American Greetings) and I was so sick of the rain. It has never really bothered me before.  I don't know if it is because I am outside more due to recess duty or we have just received so much this year.  But I wanted to hike so bad I told myself I was going to go hiking no matter what.  So on Saturday morning I went.  Abagail came with me.  It rained on the way there but we didn't get rained on at all. It was a great hike!  We did my favorite trail until the main trail then came down. Abagail has a goal to make it to the top.  Abagail took this picture.  She loved the water on the leaf.  We also saw some pretty flowers.

Also on Saturday:

*Abagail was excited to get to go to Dari Mart after hike.  She got a big cookie.  We also went by the library.
*ran errands getting ready for trip
*Abagail and I watched Women's Broadcast
*Duck basketball game - got pizza from Joey's (won silent auction at kids school for gift certificate)
*watched game at Lisa's (they were gone on cruise)

--see end of posts for pictures while we were at coast--


*went to 3rd ward sacrament meeting.  It was fast & testimony.  It was really good.  Fun to see people we know in that ward.
*left for Fort Steven State Park
*slept in yurt
*was raining so we weren't able to build a fire
*went to the beach with the shipwreck. Jackson really liked the shipwreck.  We went back (Jackson & I) around sunset.  It was cloudy so we couldn't see the sunset.
*walked around one of the batteries (military term).  Kids were fascinated and enjoyed it.
*drove around forever looking for a place to get hot chocolate (ended up at same Shell station twice.  Once for gas and other for hot chocolate - we thought that was pretty funny - kept on driving in circles)
*checked out other places at Fort Stevens


*went to other part of Fort Stevens State Park and walked around other battery.
*rained off an on
*checked into hotel in Astoria (Best Western)
*Astoria Column - flew off plaines - afterwards we walked on hiking trail and found quite a few planes we brought home.  Next time we are going there first and not purchasing more
*found Goonies house & school in Kindergarten Cop
*swam in pool - also had a hot tub and sauna


*I walked around Astoria in the hills.  It was quite the walk.  Didn't rain on me the whole time which was nice.  Love the houses there.
*really good breakfast at hotel
*Abagail went swimming
*Flavel House (mansion)
*Movie Museum
*history of Astoria museum
*went and saw the haystack rocks.  It was so windy/rainy cold that we didn't stay long.
*drove home


*swam laps (kids and I) in the morning.
*I went visiting teaching
*donut shop


*I cleaned Lisa's house (she pays me)
*met Scott at Dickey BBQ for lunch
*went and visited Kambria, Forrest and Alise
*took Alise and Beebee to dog park - Alise didn't want to play on play structure just walk. She is a good walker.  She had fun picking up flowers, bark & rocks.  At one point she was trying to get a rock between her legs and partly under one shoe.  She was trying to get it and fell right on the top of her head.  It was funny!  She didn't cry or anything.  We went and the perfect time.  The sun actually came out!!!!  It was raining on the way to the park and started raining on the way back.  At the end Jackson was washing his feet in the kiddie pool there for the dogs (it was kinda muddy at the park).  Alise saw what he was doing and before any of us realized she had stepped in the pool.  I still can't believe she did that without falling over in the pool.

*vaccummed out van - it was so dirty!
*Scott took kids to Splash to swim
*watched Amazing Race

-van was broken into (major bummer).  They took headphones, my prescription glasses, registration to car and other misc items.


*American Greetings
*went hiking at McDowell Creek Falls County Park (our first time) - see hiking book for good driving directions
Beautiful hike...less than 2 mile hike.  We really enjoyed and would like to go back.  Ate at McDonalds for lunch on way home.  We were going to go to either the science factory or Level Up (arcade) on way home but both kids felt sick so we went home.  I then went grocery shopping.

*vacuumed and cleaned seat on Elantra


*watched conference
Abagail made this for her new monkey she earned for being good during conference

*talked with Jenna, Kylan and Jaydan about cruise
*got kids bedroom all ready for guinea pigs
*washed outside of van
*walked around hospital
*watched Duck basketball game at Lisa's (Chad, Kambria, Alise and Forrest there too)

Jackson and Forrest

Jenna got this outfit for Alise (she got Forrest a onesie)

Fort Stevens State Park - we stayed in #2 - liked it - closest to bathrooms

Bird viewing area

Jackson and I went back to the shipwreck beach at sunset.  Jackson liked the shipwreck.  We walked on beach until dark. 

We saw this while driving into part of Fort Stevens State Park.  It was cool to see him in his natural habitat.

Threw airplanes off the column.  Afterwards we walking some of the hiking trail (was really muddy) and looked for planes that had been thrown off column.  We found about 10 really good ones. 

school that was in Kindergarten Cop

house in Goonies

hotel we stayed in - we liked - nice and clean - pool area & breakfast eating area kind small - but breakfast was super good

Haystack rocks....brrr it was so cold.  Scott and Abagail didn't make it this far on the beach.  Went back to car.  Wish we could have stayed longer.

Saturday, February 18, 2017


Just texted Jenna and said we should have taken a picture at every place we went today.  That would have been funny and would have made a better blog post...oh well!  Didn't think of it.

Here is how today went:

Boys left for Oregon Duck basketball game.  They were playing Colorado.  Ducks are doing really good this year.

(Morning for me - worked at Safeway, laundry, office hours, helped Abagail make banana bread (she did almost all herself) and get computer work done.

After office hours Abagail and I left to do the following:

-used McD's app to get Abagail a $1 breakfast burrito (I got a drink)

-free slurpee at 7-11 for Abagail

-went to the church for Abagail to roller skate in gym.  Jenna was there at a Girls Camp meeting.  Asked her if she wanted to join us.  She did.

-went to the mall (Valley River).  Had two coupons (one birthday) and returned our bell from the jog a thon.  We all got a small smoothie (saved over $8).  Redeemed my birthday popcorn (upgraded to a large for $2).  We ate one and refilled it to bring home.  While we were eating it a guy stopped and talk to us.  He was kinda interesting.

-Shopko.  Abagail got some clearance Sunday shoes.  Also got stuff for Forrest.  My birthday coupon I needed to spend $50 to get $10 off.  My total before coupon was $50.95.  Score! I love it when I just barely go over.  Got a lot of stuff for $40.  Felt like we were at Shopko for forever but it was fun.  Jenna and I both started to feel kinda sick after all that popcorn.

-Cash & Carry.  Jenna had never been there before.  I finally caved and got Abagail the lemon/mandarian orange mix that she has been wanting.

-Panera Bread - shared my birthday treat (cookie).  Walked around Marshalls and Ross Dress for Less.

-dropped $ off at EPM.

-Safeway.  Got free yogurt and free Oreo candy bar (didn't eat)

-dropped off library book Jackson had finished

-talked about going to eat Thai but we didn't.  Didn't want to spend the $.

Abagail talked A LOT. Jenna mentioned how tired she was while we were in Safeway.  She said she wanted to go home and take a nap.  I said now she knows while I am tired all the time :-)

The boys had a great time at the game.  The score was 101 to 73. Ducks won!

Friday, January 27, 2017


We had Martin Luther King Day off.  I really wanted to go on a hike.  We have been having so many yucky weather days lately.  We looked in our Oregon hike book and found one good for winter.  It took us a little time to find it but we eventually did.  There was more ice on the trail than I was expecting.  You could tell they got lots of ice in our recent storms.  There were two spots were some trees were down and we had to crawl either under or over them.  It was a great hike!  I was surprised how many people we saw.  I definitely want to go back.  We hiked for 45 minutes and then turned around.  That was just about the right time for Abagail.  She got tired at the end.  We all had a great time!  The water was absolutely beautiful.  Such a beautiful green.  You could see the water the majority of the time which I really liked.  It was a good place to park the car but no bathrooms.

This was on the way there.  Can you see all the icicles?